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E. Charles Adams – “Homol’ovi and Beyond”

Note: This post refers to an event that took place on Sep 19, 2011.

Since 1985, E. Charles (Chuck) Adams has directed the Homol’ovi Research Program of the Arizona State Museum excavating five of the seven pueblos in the Homol’ovi Settlement Cluster. These settlements are integral to Hopi oral history and were variously occupied from 1260-1400. In addition to excavations, associate HRP director, Richard C. Lange, directed a large survey project from 1985-1989 that documented 400 sites covering more than 25 sq. miles. Five of these sites have also been excavated, including two field houses and a 20-room pueblo dating to the 1300s, a small pueblo dating about 1200, and a multi-component site adjacent to the visitor center with occupation spanning from 600-1200 CE. Most of this research was done to help create and support Homol’ovi (Ruins) State Park. Adams will discuss the many contributions to knowledge made by this research.

Starting in June 2011, in conjunction with Lange and Dr. Vincent M. LaMotta (University of Illinois, Chicago) Adams launched a new field project via a School of Anthropology fieldschool at Rock Art Ranch about 17 miles southeast of Winslow. The goal of research at the ranch is to better understand the history of the region prior to the development of the large pueblos in the late 1200s and to evaluate the relationship of the archaeology of the ranch to the famous petroglyph site in adjacent Chevelon Canyon, which has glyphs dated as early as 6500 BCE. A brief summary of this work and its goals will also be presented.