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Online KIVA Access is available for members of the appropriate level.

Kiva is the leading refereed serial publication in the archaeology, anthropology, and history of the American Southwest and northern Mexico. Published quarterly the journal contains articles on southwestern archaeology, anthropology and history. Past issues have been devoted to such topics as: the pottery village of Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua; Anasazi origins; and the Archaic-Formative transition in the Tucson Basin. In honor of our 75th anniversary we compiled collections of the most significant articles on Pueblo (74[2]), Hohokam (75[2]), and Mogollon (76[3]) archaeology, with thematic essays by experts in each area. Theme issues that we have published since then are identified below. Most issues contain independently submitted articles communicating original research. 

AAHS collaborates with Taylor & Francis to publish Kiva. To receive Kiva as a benefit of membership in AAHS individuals should go to the membership page. Electronic access to all Kiva volumes is another benefit of Kiva-level membership. Institutions should contact Taylor & Francis directly. All individuals or institutions interested in ordering back issues of Kiva should contact Sarah Herr, AAHS Publications Chair.

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Petroglyphs at Rock Art Ranch – photo by Janine Hernbrode

Glyphs is the monthly newsletter of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society. The society’s newsletter announces talks, field trips, classes, and relevant news.  AAHS members receive Glyphs as a part of their membership benefits. The general public is welcome to download back issues of Glyphs as they are made available. Members may choose to receive the current issue of the newsletter electronically or by US mail.


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JSTOR is offering AAHS members the opportunity to subscribe to JSTOR at a 50% discount through their JPASS ($99/year rather than $199/year). The yearly JPASS includes unlimited reading access to the archival journals in JSTOR and up to 120 downloads.

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