AAHS is seeking applications for a newly created Kiva Publication and Social Media Internship for Fall 2024. For details go to the Kiva page under the Publications Menu.

Volunteering with AAHS

AAHS is a society that has been run by volunteers since 1916. As such, AAHS has many different volunteer opportunities. Are you someone who can work in an office capacity–printing and copying documents to be archived? Are you someone who can help move boxes of books for book sales and/or help arrange the books for sale? Given guidelines, would you price donated books for sale? Or maybe you’re someone with technological skills who could help with running the hybrid lectures or Society social media posts. How about editing monthly lecture videotapes or Oral History Project video interviews? Would you be willing to run for the AAHS Board of Directors or to apply to serve on one of the Society Committees? This is not an exhaustive list. Please tell us about your skills and how you’d like to help.