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Julian D. Hayden Paper Competition

Sponsored by Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society
and Arizona Archaeological Council

The Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society and Arizona Archaeological Council sponsor the annual Julian D. Hayden Paper Competition, named in honor of long-time southwestern scholar Julian Dodge Hayden. The winning entry will receive a cash prize of $1,000 and publication of the paper in Kiva, The Journal of Southwestern Anthropology and History. The competition is open to any bona fide undergraduate and graduate students at any recognized college or university. Co-authored papers will be accepted if all authors are students. Subject matter may include the anthropology, archaeology, history, linguistics, and/or ethnology of the U.S. Southwest and northern Mexico, or any other topic appropriate for publication in Kiva. Papers should be no more than 9,000 words (approximately 25 double-spaced, typewritten pages) including figures, tables, and references, and should conform to Kiva format. Please review the instructions for authors at: 

If the paper involves living human subjects, the author(s) should verify, in the paper or cover letter, that necessary permission to publish has been obtained. Previous entries will not be considered and all decisions of the judges are final. If no publishable papers are received, no award will be given. Judging criteria include, but are not limited to, quality of writing, degree of original research and use of original data, appropriateness of subject matter, and length. The awardee(s) is usually confirmed and notified in mid-March. The awardee(s) will receive comments on the paper from the Publications Committee and revisions shall be due to the editor(s) within four months of receipt of those comments.

Deadline for receipt of submissions is January 15, 2024. Late entries will not be accepted.

Your paper should be emailed to Lauren Jelinek  in PDF format. Should your paper exceed the file size accepted by Gmail and you do not have access to Google Drive, email Lauren and she will set up a DropBox folder for your submission. You must also include a scanned copy of your current student ID as a separate PDF.

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