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Hohokam Painted Pottery Workshop with Patrick Lyons and Mike Jacobs

Note: This post refers to an event that took place on Oct 7, 2011.

Join Dr. Patrick Lyons, ASM Acting Associate Director and Head of Collections, and Mike Jacobs, Archaeological Collections Curator, for a two-hour seminar focused on Hohokam painted pottery. Lyons and Jacobs will teach about the typology and chronology of Middle Gila Buff Ware, using whole vessels and sherds from ASM’s collections. They will address related wares and types as well, including Tucson Basin Brown Ware and San Carlos Red-on-brown. Also included in the program are a discussion of recent research on Hohokam painted pottery, a tour of the Agnese and Emil Haury Southwest Native Nations Pottery Vault, and an opportunity for participants to test their new knowledge by sorting sherds. A compilation of published sources on ceramic analysis and handouts synthesizing typological and chronological information will be provided. To register email Katherine Cerino. Seminar is limited to 25 people.

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