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Pueblo Grande/Mesa Grande Mound Sites

Note: This post refers to an event that took place on Nov 16, 2013.


Pueblo Grande platform mound, northwest corner, compound in foreground Courtesy of Pueblo Grande Museum, City of Phoenix

Led by Laurene Montero, Phoenix City Archaeologist and Jerry Howard, Director, Mesa Grande Archaeological Project

Pueblo Grande features a large platform mound with retaining walls, which was once surmounted by walled structures. There were also many houses and at least three ball courts, probably constructed starting 750 CE. We’ll also visit irrigation canals at the Park of Four Waters. After a picnic lunch, we’ll visit Mesa Grande Cultural Park, which showcases a platform mound, built between AD 1100 and 1450. The mound was the public and ceremonial center for a one of the largest Hohokam villages in the Salt River Valley, a residential area that extended for over one mile along the terrace overlooking the river.

Trip is limited to 20 people. To sign up contact Lynn Ratener.