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AAHS Subvention Awards

The Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS) is pleased to announce a new competitive subvention award program for AAHS members. The purpose of this program is to provide money in support of the publication of digital or print books or Kiva journal articles that further AAHS’s mission. Many sources of grant funding do not support publication costs. Through this program, AAHS can provide occasional funding to prevent this barrier to the sharing of research results. In 2015, awards up to $5000 will be considered.

Award criteria:
The AAHS Publications Committee will review applications submitted by authors or editors. Applications are eligible for review after the manuscript has been accepted for publication by a press or the journal editor “as is” or “with revisions.”

The application will include a cover letter that describes the purpose of the subvention, the audience for the book or article, how publication of the manuscript is in keeping with the AAHS’s mission, and the availability of other sources of funding for publication. Supporting materials should include an abstract for the book or article, a copy of the Table of Contents (if relevant), and a copy of the letter from the press or journal editor indicating their terms for accepting the manuscript. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
The monetary award will not be paid until book or article has been finally accepted by the press or journal editor, and will be paid directly to the publisher.

The financial support of AAHS will be noted in the volume/article acknowledgments and on the copyright page of book publications.

The deadline for receipt of submissions is October 16, 2015 for consideration by the end of November.

To join AAHS go to our membership page.

Applications should be emailed to Sarah Herr .