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Homolov’i Villages and Rock Art Ranch Tour

Note: This post refers to an event that took place on Jun 25, 2016.



Seven ancestral Hopi villages dating to the late 1200s and through the 1300s are clustered along this section of the Little Colorado River. The Homol’ovi Research Program, Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona has been conducting research in these pueblos since the mid-1980s, led by Chuck Adams and Rich Lange. We will try to visit at least 3 of these villages, all are examples of the varied and often unique histories that each of the villages has. We will also talk about the earlier occupations in the area and how the use of the landscape changed over time.

For more information on the park see http://azstateparks.com/Parks/HORU/ .

Rock Art Ranch is a private ranch 25 miles southeast of Winslow that still raises cattle and bison. The ranch contains some of the Southwest’s most spectacular rock art with more than 3000 glyphs, which have been completely documented, dating from 5000 BCE to 1400 CE. The ranch lies in the high desert at 5100’ elevation, in an area used over the past 13,000 years by mobile hunting and gathering groups, early farmers, and later, after 500 CE, by ceramic-producing, sedentary farmers representing archaeological cultures of the adjacent Mogollon Rim and Colorado Plateau regions. The University of Arizona has been conducting a field school at Rock Art Ranch since 2011. This is the last season. We will visit the excavations as well the spectacular rock art in the canyon.

We will meet Rich Lange at Homolov’i State Park at 1 pm on Saturday June 25th. On Sunday morning Rich will take us to tour Rock Art Ranch visiting both the rock art and the ASM field school. The tour should end around 1:00 on Sunday. Homolov’i is approximately a 5.5 hour drive from Tucson. Camping is available at Homolov’i State Park and there are a number of hotels in Winslow. If you are interested in staying at the historic La Posada Inn be advised to make reservations early. The trip is limited to 20 people and you must be an AAHS member to attend. To make reservations for the trip contact Katherine Cerino.