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2016 Archaeology Expo – Schedule of Events Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

2016 Archaeology Expo – Schedule of Events
Casa Grande Ruins National Monument
Saturday, March 5th 9 AM to 4 PM

Presentations: (Located in the Theatre):

10:00 am: “The Evolution of Ruins Conservation at Tumacacori National Historic Park: The Case Study of the Convento Compound” – Alex Lim, Tumacacori/NPS

11:30 am: “The Casa Grande Community in the Hohokam World” – Dr. Doug Craig, President/Friends of Casa Grande Ruins

1:00 pm: “Casa Grande Ruins National Monument: Significance, Intervention, and Stewardship” – R. Brooks Jeffery, Director/Drachman Institute, University of Arizona (follows with a tour of the Compound)

2:30 pm: “Southwestern Rock Calendars and Ancient Time Pieces” – Allen Dart, Executive Director/Old Pueblo Archaeology Center

On-site Tours: (Sign up at SHPO Info Booth near Exhibitors)

9:30 am: Tour of Casa Grande Ruins Compound, “Sivan Vahki O’Odham Perspective” by Barnaby Lewis, GRIC Tribal Historic Preservation Officer

9:30 am, Noon, 1:30 pm, & 2:45 pm: Tours of the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Back Country Sites, given by Casa Grande Ruin National Monument (CGRNM) Volunteers and Southwest Archaeology Team  Members (Limited to 10 people each tour)

Every Hour from 10 am to 3 pm: Tours of the Casa Grande Ruins Compound, given by CGRNM Personnel and Tribal members (if available)

2 pm: “Tour of Compound A Documentation and Assessment Project,” Laura Jensen, Gabrielle Miller, and Gabrielle Soto, University of Arizona

Offsite Tours: (Sign up at SHPO Info Booth near Exhibitors)

10:30 am: Guided Walking Tour of Florence Historic Townsite, Bonnie Bariola, Former Florence Community Development Director (limited to 30 people). Must have transportation to Florence and be able to walk between ½ to ¾ mile (meet-up information provided during sign up).

1:00 pm: Tour of Verdugo Stage Stop and Adobe One-room Schoolhouse by Dick Myers, Southwest Archaeology Team Member/Site Steward (limited to 15 people). Carpooling encouraged, rough road with no bathroom facilities, does not require 4-wheel drive, just high clearance (information provided during sign up).


Demonstrations at the exhibit booths include traditionally prepared native foods from the Huhugam Ki Museum, cotton spinning, spilt twig figurines, pump drill, puzzles, looking at pollen with a microscope, artifact analysis, and many other activities.

We are also privileged to have some additional demonstrations that we are highlighting in different areas of the Park. These demonstrations are scheduled throughout the day and include the following activities:

9:00 – 11:00 am: Flintknapping – Courtyard inside Museum – Shelby Manney, Department of Emergency & Military Affairs

11:00 am – 12:00 pm:  Adobe making – Interpretive Ramada – Alex Lim, NPS

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm: Pottery making –Courtyard inside Museum – Roger Dorr, NPS

All Day:  Rabbit Stick Toss (interactive activity) – In the compound – Southwest Archaeology Team Members