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Nuvakwewtaqa Ruins (Chavez Pass)

Note: This post refers to an event that took place on Oct 8, 2016.

Computer generated image of Chavez Pass Ruins
Computer generated image of Nuvakwewtaqa Ruins

Nuvakwewtaqa Ruins, otherwise known as Chavez Pass Ruins, are the remains of a substantial Sinagua pueblo occupied between A.D. 1050-1425. The site served as a trade center and was integral to ancestral Hopi migrations to the east. Please join trip leader Jeff Charest for a tour of the ruins.

Located half way between Winslow and Pine, Arizona, the site is accessible by car and a short but somewhat strenuous hike. Please note that the pueblo is situated on a steep and rocky slope, and some may find the approximately 1 mile hike difficult.

Make your way to the Blue Ridge Ranger Station at noon, Saturday October 8 for a tour of the ruins. Unimproved camping areas are available near the Ranger station, or a developed campground is available at the Happy Jack Lodge roughly 15 minutes away on Lake Mary Road (there are also cabins available at the Lodge. More detailed trip information will follow as the date nears. Tucson folks who might want to go up the night before will find plenty of accommodation in Payson.

To register for the trip email Cannon Daughtrey or Jeff Charest.

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