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Kiva Book Review Vol 76, No 1

Reviewed by Don D. Fowler

Matilda Coxe Stevenson: Pioneering Anthropologist by Darlis A. Miller.

304 pp., 14 halftones, 2 maps, Foreword, Index, References Cited.

University of Oklahoma Press, 2007. $29.95 (Cloth). ISBN 978-8061-3832-9.

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Kiva Book Review Vol 76, No 1

Reviewed by Wesley Bernardini

Zuni Origins: Toward a New Synthesis of Southwestern Archaeology, edited by David A.
Gregory and David R. Wilcox.

624 pp., 207 illustrations, 48 tables, Foreword. The
University of Arizona Press, 2008. $75.00 (Cloth). ISBN 978-0-8165-2486-0.

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Kiva Review Vol 75, No 4

Reviewed by Stephanie M. Whittlesey and Kelly Hays-Gilpin

Prehistoric Southwest Pottery Types and Wares by Norman “Ted” Oppelt.

149 pp., 86 illustrations, References Cited, Glossary.

Self-published. 2007. $50.00 (Paper).

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Kiva Book Review Vol 75, No 4

Reviewed by James E. Ayres

Hayden Flour Mill: Landscape, Economy, and Community Diversity in Tempe, Arizona.
Volume 1: Introduction, Historical Research, and Historic Architecture
by Victoria D.
Vargas, Thomas E. Jones, Scott Solliday, and Don W. Ryden; Volume 2: Archaeology,
Synthesis, and Management Summary
by Robert J. Stokes and Victoria D. Vargas;
Volume 3: Hayden Flour Mill Historic Preservation Plan by Teresa L. Pinter, Don
W. Ryden, and Victoria D. Vargas.

1320 pp., 3 volumes, References Cited, 16 Appendices.

Archaeological Consulting Services, 2008. $5 (CD).

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Kiva Book Review Vol. 75, No 3

Reviewed by Mark Wasserman

The Silver of the Sierra Madre: John Robinson, Boss Shepherd, and the People of the Canyons by John Mason Hart.

237 pp., 23 illustrations, 2 maps, Index, Bibliography. University of Arizona Press, 2008. $45.00 (Cloth).

ISBN 978-0-8165-2704-5.

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Kiva Book Review Vol. 75, No 3

Reviewed by Matthew Liebmann

A Space Syntax Analysis of Arroyo Hondo Pueblo, New Mexico: Community Formation in the Northern Rio Grande by Jason S. Shapiro.

186 pp., 11 halftones, 26 line drawings, 18 maps, 12 tables, Foreword, References, Index. School of American Research Press, 2005. $24.95 (Paper).

ISBN 1-930618-59-X.

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Kiva Book Review Vol. 75, No 3

Reviewed by Kurt E. Dongoske

The Orayvi Split: A Hopi Transformation by Peter M. Whiteley.

2 volumes. 1163 pp., 170 fi gures, 98 tables, 33 plates, Abstract, Acknowledgments, References. American Museum of Natural History, 2008. $100.00 (Paper).

ISSN 0065-9452.

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Kiva Book Review Vol 75, No 3

Reviewed by Jill Ahlberg-Yohe

Patterns of Exchange: Navajo Weavers and Traders by Teresa J. Wilkins.

248 pp., 8 color plates, 19 fi gures, 1 map, Acknowledgements, Appendix, Notes, Bibliography, Index. University of Oklahoma Press, 2008. $34.95 (Cloth).

ISBN 978-0-8061-3757-5.

Reviewed by Jill Ahlberg-Yohe, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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From 1984 to 1987, AAHS conducted excavations at the Redtail site, an important Hohokam site in the northern Tucson Basin. The Redtail Site is part of a large Hohokam settlement complex known as the Los Morteros Community, which dates from the pioneer period through the Classsic period (AD 450-14150). The site is well known for the large number of turquoise artifacts that were uncovered there.

AAHS members are now working to curate the artifacts from this excavation using current techniques. When this process is complete a group will be put in place to do additional analyses taking advantage of of advances in analytical techiques. The results will be eventually be published. If you would like to join in either phase of this effort, curation or analysis contact Katherine Cerino. We are currently working at ASM on Tuesdsay and Thursday afternoons from 1:0o to 4:00.

Special retrospective issue on Mogollon Archaeology featuring the best articles about the Mogollon from the Kiva. From Paul Martin in 1957 to Charles Riggs in 2005.