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Annual Fund Raising for the AAHS Research and Travel Fund

November 28, 2023

For over 100 years, the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society has supported the archaeology and history of the US Southwest and Northern Mexico in many ways. One of the most important ways is helping to fund research conducted by students and colleagues.

I know you are getting bombarded this time of year by others asking for your support—for that matter, the “asks” seem to be nearly year ‘round! And, like them, the argument is that AAHS (the organization) does not support the research—YOU DO! You choose to be a member of this organization, and AAHS hopes that can be translated into support beyond your membership. There is some awkwardness and feelings of overkill in joining the throngs of other organizations looking for your help, but your membership in AAHS confirms that you are supportive of the AAHS mission and values.

To achieve better growth and sharing of knowledge of the diverse histories and communities of the US Southwest and Northern Mexico, AAHS supports research. Support for research can occur in many forms and covers a wide range of needs for students and colleagues through the AAHS scholarship and awards programs—from travel expenses to see and document particular collections, to specialized analyses (such as INAA and 14C), to attending conferences and workshops for networking and professional development, to sharing new knowledge and experiences.

Please continue to join us for meetings and field trips, and please consider supporting AAHS and its programs through your annual giving. Donations small or large are important to our programs and the communities we serve. Donating is easy! Drop that check in the mail to the address below! Or Click Here!

Thank you and do please give this your consideration for Giving Tuesday (November 28 this year) or whenever it may be convenient.

Rich Lange
AAHS President



November 28, 2023