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Rob Weiner – Monumental Avenues of the Chaco World: New Research at the Crossroads of Infrastructure, Ontology, and Power

December 20, 2021 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm MST


Researchers have puzzled over wide roadways associated with Chaco-style Great Houses in the U.S. Southwest for over a century. Despite frequent references to roads in Chaco scholarship, there has been relatively little on-the-ground assessment of how roads were used, where they led, and, more broadly, how they were implicated in the rise and fall of ancient Four Corners society. In this talk, I will present recent documentation of monumental roads throughout the Chaco World, with particular attention to small-scale, road-related architectural features and exploring evidence for practices of offerings, processions, and races. Interpreted in light of Pueblo and Navajo traditional knowledge, cross-cultural examples, and perspectives from cognitive science, I argue that roads—and the ritual practices carried out along them—were key to the emergence of both regional integration and burgeoning inequality during the Chaco era, serving as tangible manifestations of identity, hierarchy, and cosmography inscribed on the landscape.


Robert Weiner is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Colorado Boulder, Research Fellow with the Solstice Project, and Staff Archaeologist for Cottonwood Gulch Expeditions. His dissertation research explores the history, use, and meaning of monumental roads associated with Chaco Canyon and its regional polity during the 11th-12th centuries in the U.S. Southwest. More broadly, he is interested in the role of religion in the big picture of human history. 

Robert earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Brown University, where his MA thesis explored gambling at Chaco Canyon through Navajo and Pueblo oral traditions and artifacts held in the American Museum of Natural History and Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History collections. His research has been published in numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and he has conducted fieldwork for academic and CRM projects in all Four Corners states and Turkey. 

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December 20, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm MST
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Paul Minnis