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Instructions for Martin-Orrell Research Grants

Proposal Format

Cover Sheet

The project title and any subtitle should describe the project in concise, informative language so that a scientifically or technically literate reader can understand the project. List any project collaborators.

Project Description

The project description should be no more than six single-spaced pages of text (excluding the bibliography) plus an additional five pages of figures or tables. The number of text pages can be decreased to accommodate more figures or tables. In the introduction, the project description should clearly state the work to be undertaken, with brief descriptions of how descendent collaborations are in place and where avocational researchers will participate.

Separate sections should include:

 1) a brief background of previous, pertinent research;
 2) theoretical orientations;
 3) methods;
4) broader impacts of the proposed research;
5) A justification of any bioarchaeology (human or animal) or DNA studies (human, vegetal, or animal). 

For Field Projects

Applicants are required to demonstrate that they, and the institution with which they are working, are aware of appropriate local, state, and federal laws regarding the handling of objects and materials recovered from the ground surface or through excavations, have the necessary permits, have appropriate plans for treatment of human remains and animal internments, and have plans regarding temporary and permanent curation of these materials. 

For Museum, Library, or Repository Projects

Attach a letter from the appropriate institution stating that the research project complies with the standards of the institution.

Bioarchaeology (human or animal) or DNA studies (human, animal or vegetal)

If the project includes bioarchaeology or DNA studies, please discuss the criticality of these studies. In particular, requests for funds for human DNA must include approval from the authorized authority of the affiliated cultural groups. Also, please provide the provenience of any samples, in enough detail to evaluate the request for analysis (e.g., site or locus type, as well as feature type and associations).

Data Management Plan and Dissemination of Results

All proposals must include a supplementary one-page plan for data management and dissemination of the research results. A final report must be submitted to AAHS within a year of completion of the project. This information will be shared with the AAHS community through publication in Glyphs or a public lecture. 

Project Budget

The project budget should be included as a supplementary document. The Martin-Orrell grant is intended to fund the costs of undertaking research. Please note that the funds cannot be used as a salary or stipend for the researcher. Examples of the kinds of expenses that may be included in the proposal budget are the following (please note that this list is illustrative and not inclusive):

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