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Research and Travel Grants for 2023

In 2023 AAHS awarded $6,942.00 to 9 individuals from 8 institutions

Research Grants

Jaron Davidson (University of Oklahoma) Investigating Post-Casas Grandes Cultural Change in Northwest, Chihuahua, Mexico $1,000

Sean Dolan (N3B, Environmental Remediation, Los Alamos)  Obsidian Procurement and Social Interaction at West Baker, a Classic Mimbres Site Beyond the Mimbres Heartland  $702.00 

Michelle Turner (Research Associate, Crow Canyon Archeological Center) Shades of Meaning: Black Smudged Pottery and Chaco Memory at the Aztec West Great House $740

Rebecca Harkness (University of Arizona) – One Pot, Many Identities: Examining Scales of Identity through Corrugated Ceramics in the Mogollon Region of the U.S. Southwest $1,000

Peter Kovacik (Boston University) [originally submitted for a Martin-Orrell Award]  Living on the Edge: Land-Use Practices as Power Relations in Spanish Colonial New Mexico, 1598-1821 CE . $1,000

Kimberly Sheets (Washington State University) [originally submitted for a Martin-Orrell Award] Elucidating Social Identities from Zooarchaeological Deposits: A Contextual Analysis of Faunal Remains from the Homol’ovi Settlement Cluster in Northeastern Arizona. $1,000 

Travel Grants

Haley Cronin (Skidmore College) $500.00 for travel to the Western New Mexico Museum to work with Dr. K. Baustian on data collection.

Kelsey Hanson (University of Arizona) $500 towards travel to the SAA in Portland OR to deliver a paper on her dissertation work, Affectual Ecosystems of Color: Pigments and the Co-Creation of Power in the Chaco World. 

Caitlin A. Wichlacz (Arizona State University/University of Missouri) $500 towards travel to the SAA in Portland OR to present a poster on her dissertation work, Reassembling Salado: Salado Polychrome Ceramics in the Phoenix Basin