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AAHS Grants and Scholarship Awards for 2015

In 2015 AAHS awarded $6,415.00 in Research and Travel Grants to 12 individuals from 6 institutions.

Research Grants

Lewis Borck (University of Arizona), Deborah Huntley and Jeffery Clark (Archaeology Southwest) $990.00 for Neutron Activation Analysis of Maverick Mountain Series redwares. Analysis of the Maverick Mountain Series will allow closer examination of possible social, political, and ideological changes that occurred within migrant communities in southern and central Arizona.

Ralph Burrillo (University of Utah) $925.00 for stable oxygen isotope (δ18O) analysis of maize macrofossils from Cedar Mesa. These data will be compared with data from a suite of δ18O values from local water sources acquired by the researcher. The goal of the project is to distinguish dry farming from irrigation farming.

Saul Hedquist (University of Arizona) $1000.00 for dissertation work investigating the circulation and use of turquoise throughout the late prehispanic Western Pueblo region. The funds will be used for the ethnographic component of the project, supporting travel to Hopi and Zuni to conduct post-interview review sessions and community presentations.

Amy Schott (University of Arizona) $500.00 to examine dune geomorphology and chronology in selected study areas of Petrified Forest National Park. The money will be used for OSL samples to date dune formation. This work is part of her dissertation project which seeks to understand human-environment relationships of Pueblo societies living in dune environments.

Laurie Webster (University of Arizona) $1000.00 to survey, photodocument, and research approximately 60 archaeological textiles, baskets, wooden implements, hides, and other perishable artifacts collected by amateur archaeologists Richard Wetherill, Charles McLoyd, and Charles Cary Graham from alcove sites in southeastern Utah and northeastern Arizona during the 1890s. This is part of an ongoing project to document collections from the area and the requested amount will be used to pay for travel to National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. where the collections are housed.

Travel Grants

Travel grants of $400 each were awarded to five graduate students to attend the SAA’s to present their research.

Rachael Byrd (University of Arizona) – Illuminating identity using mortuary features at Slade Ruin (AZ Q:15:1 [ASM]), a Pueblo III site in east-central Arizona.

Sean Dolan (University of Oklahoma) – Black Rocks beyond the Border: Obsidian in the Casas Grandes World.

Kelsey Reese (Southwest Archaeological Consultants, Inc.) – Ancient Architecture and Spatial Technology: A Global Perspective, and  is a discussant in the forum: Out in the Field: Queer Experiences and Challenges in Archaeology.

Kye Miller  (Northern Arizona University) – An Overview of Architectural Practice at the Ironwood Village, Northern Tucson Basin, Arizona.

Rebecca Renteria (University of Arizona) – Dendroarchaeology of the Otero Cabin, Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico.